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When will I need a Business Law Attorney?

Are you purchasing or selling a business?

Asher A. Levin, an experienced Business Attorney, can advise you about the pros and cons of purchase or sale, bring in experts to help you review the finances of the business or of the buyer. He can draft and negotiate the terms of the contract to make sure that the buyer receives what he or she expects to receive. He can protect the buyer from unanticipated responsibility for the seller’s obligations and protect a seller when a buyer fails to perform.

Asher A. Levin has represented buyers and sellers as their Business Attorney in in transactions valued from $10,000 to approximately $40 Million.

Are you looking to form a new business?

A Business Attorney can help you to determine the proper entity. A Corporation or an LLC is designed to help you to avoid personal liability. Asher A. Levin can help you preserve that protection by advising you how to observe corporate or business formalities. As a Business Lawyer, he can advise you about adequate funding and insurance. He can advise you regarding management and ownership issues. He can Draft Contracts, such as a buy-sell agreement to help you avoid uncertainties in the future.

What about ongoing activities of your business?

Operating a business is a constant confrontation with legal issues. It has been said that “A business without a Business Attorney is a business open for legal problems.” From contract negotiation and formation to negotiating leases, from employee pay issues to copyrights, from protecting your trade secrets to defending lawsuits, to collecting money owed to you, you are faced with legal issues every day. As an experienced Business Attorney, Asher A. Levin can help you to protect your rights and to avoid legal and economic obstacles.

Outside General Counsel Program.

We have a number of small/medium size businesses, who have placed us on a monthly retainer (at a discounted rate) to serve as their retained Business Attorney – their “outside general counsel”. These companies recognize the value of having a legal adviser knowledgeable about their businesses who is available for consultation and to handle matters on a regular basis.