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Estate Planning Attorney

What can an experienced Estate Planning Attorney do for you?

An Estate Planning Attorney may help you to protect your family’s assets, avoid probate, minimize estate taxes, and let family members and medical providers know what steps you want taken to prolong your life if you are terminally ill and unable to communicate your own wishes.

For Estate Planning Attorney Asher A. Levin, estate planning is highly personalized and may involve a number a number of legal documents, including:

  • A Will, which is the document you use to direct the final distribution of your assets after death. Parents with minor children may use wills to designate the legal guardian of their children..
  • A Revocable Trust, which is a means of holding assets so as to avoid Probate.  In a Living Trust, you will wear three hats.  You will be the Trustor or the Settlor – the person who establishes the trust and, with the assistance of the Estate Planning Attorney, transfers your assets into the trust.  You are the Trustee – the general manager of the your trust with all the rights that an individual has with regards to his or her property.  Finally, you are the first Beneficiary of the Living Trust – everything is yours.  As long as you are capable and you (and your spouse) are alive, you can revoke or amend the trust.  The successor Trustee(s) that you name will manage the trust when you are unable to do so – because of disability or death.  They usually do not have the powers to revoke or amend the trust.
  • In very large estates, revocable trusts are a major tool used to reduce or eliminate estate taxes.
  • An Irrevocable Trust, which (usually in larger estates) may allow you to minimize the impact of estate taxes on your beneficiaries.
  • A Special Needs Trust, which may allow an Heir who is receiving government assistance to continue to receive government assistance while, at the same time, you provide for items that are not covered by the government;
  • An Advance Health Care Directive, where you state your desires concerning future medical care (you want/ do not want artificial, life-prolonging techniques or procedures) and to designate someone to make medical decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated.
  • .A Financial Power of Attorney, which allows you to designate a trusted person to handle your financial affairs if you are not able to do so yourself.
  • As an Estate Planning Attorney and a Probate Attorney, Asher A. Levin has found that many times an estate will have to be probated, even though a trust was prepared, because the person who prepared the estate failed to properly prepare all of the documents or failed to transfer many of the assets into the trust.  Mr. Levin recommends that you  have an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney draft your trust and advise you with regards to funding the trust.

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